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Quotes The list is much better than you can ever imagine. Thanks for sending the list to me that fast! So I can imagine it took a lot of effort to trace all people on the list! Best regards from the Netherlands. Quotes
Hans Horchner
Great List!!

Quotes Wasnt sure I wanted to waste my money. After reading Tom Kennedys review I decided to give a try. Boy am I glad I did. The company directed me to the people they thought might help my daughter with her education and 2 days ago we were offered a full 4 year scholarship. I can't thank you enough. I am telling everybody!! Thank you, thank you!!! Quotes
Ben Longstrom
New York, NY

Quotes After years of secrecy and quiet underground sharing, it has been brought to media attention recently that locating the home addresses of billionaires is a flourishing business all in its own. With todays economy and unemployment, people are looking for all kinds of ways to make or get money. Who better to approach but the people with all the money! Quotes
Tom Kennedy
Is Writing To Billionaires Asking For Money Worth It Part 1

Quotes One of the least talked about and unused advertisement strategies is the marketing of wealthy addresses. Sure there are advertising agencies that claim they send your ads to Millionaires and Billionaires, but these type of advertising lists cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, and they only send you labels! Besides there were so few Millionaires and Billionaires in the past, it wasn't a big market. However as our economy crashed around us, the number of millionaires and billionaires soared to never before seen numbers. But what we question is: Has the number of helpful, kind, caring, and generous people soared with those numbers?. Quotes
Tom Kennedy
Is Writing To Billionaires Asking For Money Worth It Part 2

Quotes Fortunately, were quite surprised. (we checked recently and the prices are even lower now!) They sent a download link which allowed us to get the list instantly, and it could be downloaded in different formats like Excel,Word, and PDF, or all formats. The list came with some free items that we think would be of great help to people that arent the best of writers and be able to create a professional letter for fundraising, school or business grants, personal beg letters, or really any business trying to find people with bottomless pockets. The Excel list offered came with pictures of each billionaire and the PDF file had all kinds of click-able links, that will bring you to all kinds of things about the billionaires. Quotes
Tom Kennedy
Is Writing To Billionaires Asking For Money Worth It Part 3

Quotes We did our normal test and contacted their customer service with an email and got an immediate, helpful, and professional reply. We mailed to about 1/4th of the 400 name list. We never received any return envelopes with bad addresses, and surprise, surprise, we even got responses!! I was quite impressed the billionaires would take the time to send a return letter, because I thought it probably was a bunch of hype. Because of what I read, though I cant elaborate because they have asked us not to, I no longer think that. I might even have gained some respect for some of the 1% just because of their responses to my letters. As said before, maybe its the economy that has brought attention to the other 99%, but the billionaires we contacted really did seem to be aware of whats going on with the economy and with the people on the other side of their fenced and gated world. Quotes
Tom Kennedy
Is Writing To Billionaires Asking For Money Worth It Part 4

Quotes So the conclusion to our question is yes it can be worth it to contact a wealthy person for a donation. If you write the correct letter by wording it right, if they are in the right mood when reading it, and you have the correct addresses of the wealthy, you have a good chance of seeing a return letter. If you are in need of any type of funding, grants, or just a personal handout I also suggest the billionaire mailing list site. I guess you never know what writing that letter may do for you or how it may change your life. I guess it doesnt hurt to try! The web address for the site we ordered from is - Our Grade B+ - Tom Kennedy reviews a variety of publications and brands. You can contact him at [email protected] Quotes
Tom Kennedy
Is Writing To Billionaires Asking For Money Worth It Part 5

Quotes Though some of these people live in my area, never have I received responses from rich people I wrote to before. I have written to 25 people on the list and have already gotten a couple responses. Waiting for more. Thanks a lot. Great price too Quotes
Patricia C.
Houston, TX.

Quotes Just wanted to let you know I love the links you have to all the juicy gossip about these people. Goes to show they are real. Unlike some of them like to realize. Thanks Quotes
Steve K.
Highland Park, IL.

Quotes Ready to go. Multiple uses. Just some of the reasons I use your lists. Can't wait for the new site. Quotes
John D.
Spectrum, Manchester, NH