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Donald Trump Suing Airport By His Florida Estate For Noise

Donald Trump Must Be Bored With Nothing To Do - Here is an article we wrote about Donald Trump who is suing the county airport in Palm Beach Florida over the noise it causes when flying over his mansion and estate. Poor Donald Trump - Another "Rich People Problems" article by Billionaire Mailing List.

CNNMoney reports that Donald Trump is suing Palm Beach County in Florida for $100 million, accusing the county-run airport of routing air traffic over his mansion and private club, named Mar-a-Lago, on purpose. In the lawsuit, he called out the airport director personally, alleging that he’s looking for revenge for a lawsuit Trump leveled at him 20 years ago to block him from expanding the airport.

“The county’s and the airport director Bruce Pelly’s efforts in this regard are both deliberate and malicious, and motivated by personal animosity towards Donald Trump,” reads the lawsuit. “Airport director Bruce Pelly is seeking revenge by attacking Mar-a-Lago from the air,” according to the lawsuit.

His lawyer points out that even Trump is forced to fly his private jet over his own club. Because the historic estate was built in 1927 (and not purchased by Trump until 1985), it predates the airport by a decade. It’s listed on the National Register of Historical Places and is “particularly susceptible to the corrosive bombardment” from jet aircraft. “The overflights of Mar-a-Lago have caused a direct and substantial invasion of the property by excessive, unreasonable, unwarranted and uninvited noise, vibrations, fumes, pollution and residue, which cause direct physical damage to Mar-a-Lago,” the lawsuit claims.

Trump who is always the drama queen, adds to the lawsuit the claim that the mansion is “by far and away the most important historical structure in Palm Beach and one of the most important in Florida and, indeed, the United States.” We are sure HE thinks so. We will keep you posted if this lawsuit ever finds it’s way to the courts. Doubt it though.