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Looking For Great People Who Need Employment

Interesting in becoming part of our laid back team? Do you like to talk about the ultra rich, their spending habits, and all their spoiled children spending the family money?
What about cheating wives and husbands and how they brag about how rich they are? If so, you may be just the person we are looking for.
We have a great opening for someone just starting off in the journalism field. We are very lax, you do what you want, when you want, from where ever you want. If interested in totally changing the structure or the way our blogs or papers are presented, do it, just again please pass it by us for legal approval.  All we ask is that you run it by us for legal purposes so we don't get our asses sued over some stupid little thing. Job duties just really consist of scanning the web for stories of interest in the 18-55 demographic.  interest for stories and gossip about the ultra wealthy We have found many people enjoy reading about the rich, their problems, lawsuits, real estate transactions, and just plain gossip. This was one of the reasons we were interested in started this and many other websites dealing the the super wealthy. Unfortunately we are trying to keep up will too many websites at one time and it is actually hurting our businesses because we just cant keep up with all 8 sites at once and still produce a somewhat quality content for them all. We don't make a lot of money doing this, we do this mostly for those less fortunate and people who really need money, though our product is excellent and we would like to start promoting it to a larger audience, such as home builders, stock brokers, money managers, home construction contractors, and the list goes on and on. This is where some that is interested in the wealthy, willing to give their opinions, and write about the ridiculous things they do to make us say "WHAT?' comes in.
The list of sites that are in desperate need if help are the following:
Our World of Wealth - This is the flagship company all others are umbrella-ed  under.
Billionaire Mailing List - While we would like your opinions here, this is the only thing we charge for so it brings in the "bread and butter" of the company, but certainly and ideas, articles and SEO practices would be TOTALLY welcome.
CEO Mailing List