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Howard Stern's Palm Beach Mansion

                                                                          Howard Sterns New Palm Beach, Florida House
                                                                  Another angle of Howard Sterns new house in Palm Beach
                                               Great view from the ocean looking at the new mansion of shock jock Howard Stern.
Side View of the mansion of Palm Beach's newest millionaire resident, radio personality Howard Stern.
Here are the front gardens of Howard Sterns new $52 Million Palm Beach Mansion.
Closer aerial view of front of Howard Sterns new North Palm Beach mansion.
North side aerial view of Howard Sterns new Palm Beach Mansion.
Here is a copy of the deed to Howard Stern's new Palm Beach, Florida house.
An ocean view of the new mansion of shock jock Howard Stern in Palm Beach, Florida.
This is what Howard Sterns new house looks like when it is boarded up and ready for a hurricane.